Was the Corona virus actually made in the laboratory of Wuhan, China?

Washington / Paris There has been a lot of speculation about the virus in the world, where the disturbing news has been heard about the Corona virus.  One of these rumors also includes that the Corona virus was made in a laboratory in Wuhan, a city in China, but China denies it.

 In this regard, French President Emmanuel Maccabees has also arrived in the field and has made it clear that there is no evidence that the Corona virus was made in the Wuhan lab.

 According to the British News Agency, a statement from the French presidential palace said that there was no evidence that the virus was made at the P4 laboratory in Wuhan, China, and came out.  He said there is no concrete evidence of the connection between the laboratory and the Corona virus in Wuhan in the US media.

 On the other hand, the US president said on Wednesday that it was trying to find out if the virus was made in the Wuhan laboratory, while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also said that all matters should be clarified.

 During a daily briefing on the Corona virus in the United States last day, a Conservative journalist in the White House asked why the former President Obama's administration donated $ 37 million to China's Wuhan Institute of Virology.  This is the same organization about which unidentified US officials say the Corona virus was leaked from there. The response from US President Trump was, 'We will end those aid soon.  I wonder who was the president then? 'This grant was paid in 2015.

 The Washington Post reported that diplomats in China are concerned and they are not satisfied with the security measures in the Wuhan Laboratory and have sought help.  There are also differences.

We didn't have the most casualty in the world, He said.  Most of the casualties would have been in China. '

  to data released by Johns Hopkins University, the United States is at the top of the list of casualties.

 However, on Friday, China said its casualties were doubled and that there have been 4,000 deaths so far following various counting procedures.

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