Turkmenistan is the only Islamic country in the world where not a single case of the Corona virus has been reported

 Central Asian country claims no Corona virus has been reported so far, experts say Turkmenistan government is hiding facts for censorship

Turkmenistan is the only Islamic country in the world where not a single case of Corona virus has been reported, according to a Central Asian country claim that no Corona virus has been reported so far, according to experts. The famous Turkmen government is hiding facts.  According to details, the global outbreak of the Corona virus has affected almost every country in the world at present, but a report published by BBC Urdu reveals that Turkmenistan is an Islamic country that claims to be.  There is not a single case of the Krona virus.

 In this regard, many experts are concerned that Turkmenistan's government may be hiding the truth and that efforts to end the disease will be affected.

 This is not the first time this country has tried to cover up health problems, it has done so in the past.  The official health statistics from Turkmenistan are extremely unpredictable, experts say.

 The rulers of this country have been claiming for the past decade that no HIV or AIDS patient has been saved in Turkmenistan, which is impossible.  In the 2000s, Turkmenistan suppressed evidence of several outbreaks, including plague.  In all this situation, people in Turkmenistan are reluctant and scared to think that there may already be a virus.

 It is reported that on one hand the world is battling the Karuna virus and more and more countries are locking down their populations, a big cycling rally was held in Turkmenistan on World Health Day on Tuesday.  Unlike most of the world, everyday life in Turkmenistan continues to be a routine.  Cafes and restaurants are open.  Crowds are gathering for weddings.

 No one is wearing a mask and large-scale events are taking place.  Experts say the country appears to refuse to acknowledge the major threat posed by the Corona virus, and the situation could prove disastrous for that country.  It should be noted that cases of Corona virus have exceeded 1.5 million worldwide while total deaths have been more than 94,000.  The US, Spain, Italy, France and Germany are the top 5 countries affected by the Corona virus.  About 65% of the world's cases and fatalities are reported in these 5 countries.


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