Turkey became the world's second largest Islamic country infected with the virus

 Total deaths in Turkey exceed 900, while total reported cases exceed 42,000

Turkey became the world second largest Islamic country affected by the virus, with more than 900 total deaths in Turkey,and the total number of reported cases so far exceeds 42,000.  Turkey's Ministry of Health has said that in 24 hours, more than 4056 cases of Corona have been reported in the country, after which the total number of cases has risen to 42,282, and since the death of 96 more people, 908 people have been sent from Corona to Turkey.  People are dead.

 According to the foreign news agency, according to the latest data released by the Turkish Ministry of Health, more than four thousand cases of Corona have been reported in the country during the last 24 hours.  Turkish's  authoritiess say the victim of Corona are being monitored via mobile phones to monitor their quarantine and lockdown violations.

 Turkey has become the second most infected Islamic country with the virus after new cases emerge.  While the most affected Islamic country is Iran, where more than 66,000 cases have been reported so far and more than 4,000 have been killed.  It has been reported that cases of Corona virus have exceeded 1.5 million worldwide while the total deaths have been more than 94 thousand.  The US, Spain, Italy, France and Germany are the top 5 countries affected by the Corona virus.  About 65% of the world's cases and fatalities are reported in these 5 countries.

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