The wife was saddened to read the last message from the deceased husband's mobile phone from Corona

Katie lived a happy life with you, you proved to be a great mother, if you find someone in life who loves you and our children, hold her hand.  Jonathan's message

  The wife of an American man who died of the corona virus received a loving message from her husband's mobile phone after her death, which made the woman even more depressed. A man named Jonathan fought the corona virus for 28 days but  After Jonathan's death, his wife Katie went to the hospital to pick up her husband's belongings.

  In the luggage she saw her husband's mobile phone in which her husband had left a loving message. Jonathan wrote in a message to his wife: "I am proud to be the father of my two children and your husband.  Katie, you are the most beautiful and caring person in my life.

  I have a good life with you 

  You are a great mother to our children too. Tell my son that she is the best flower of your father and tell my daughter that she is a princess. Let our children do whatever they want in life. Jonathan  He further writes that if you ever meet someone in life and he loves you as well as our children, then you should hold his hand.

  In the end, Katie's husband wrote that she should always be happy, no matter what happens. Katie will be even more sad after reading the last message from her husband's mobile phone. It should be noted that the number of people infected with corona virus worldwide is 2.831 million.  The death toll has risen to 513 from 1,97,297, according to a report by American TV. A total of 1,827,322 patients with the corona virus are still being treated in hospitals worldwide, with 58,524 in critical condition.  Nasal congestion while 8 lakh 6 thousand 894 patients have returned to their homes from hospitals after getting rid of this disease by the grace of Allah Almighty.

  The United States is the country most affected by the corona virus, with not only corona cases but also the highest number of deaths among all countries in the world.

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