The danger is that hospitals will not be shrinking at the end of the month, the prime minister expressed concern over the rapid spread of the virus.

 Pakistan faces a major challenge like corona epidemic. By taking precautionary measures, we can avoid the huge problem, the more people gather the disease spreads faster, the spread of corona disease is different in every country, Imran Khan said.  Talk to the media

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed concern over the rapid spread of the Koroba virus, saying that as the disease spreads, we are threatened that there will be no shortage of hospitals at the end of this month, as Pakistan is suffering from a major outbreak of the Korona epidemic.  The challenge is, by taking precautionary measures, we can avoid the big problem, the more people gather, the disease will spread so fast, the spread of coronary disease is different in every country, people in Pakistan understand that the disease does not affect them.  In many areas, people are not careful; if a young person becomes ill, the elderly in his house  The risk may be, if the number of cases increases, we do not have enough ventilators to cure them, I request everyone not to be misunderstood by God, Lockdown will succeed when people are at home.  Food and basic necessities will be available.

 He was talking to media representatives here on Wednesday. Federal Minister Asad Omar, Chairman NDMA Lieutenant General Mohammad Afzal, Auxiliary Special Othman Dar and Sanya Nishtar accompanied the Prime Minister on the occasion.  The Prime Minister said that only 40 people have died so far so people think that the strength of our Pakistanis is more immune or the disease will not affect us.

 He said,I urge everyone not to associate with God in this misunderstanding because if this thought comes out then this epidemic is very dangerous and our people are not careful to think that Pakistanis will not make a difference."  "As the outbreak is increasing in Pakistan, we fear that by the end of the month, the number of people who will have to go to the hospital by four or five percent will be enough to have ICU or critically ill patients in our hospitals," he said.  There will be no place for

 He said that if we are unable to cure people who are seriously ill, our hospitals will not have enough ventilators and we will not be able to cure them. They said that if we take precautions, if the disease spreads less frequently.  There are places in our hospitals right now. Imran Khan said that three weeks ago we decided to lock down, after which we closed schools, universities after factories, etc. But lockdowns in Europe, the US and China.  Our lockdown is different.

 He said that the problem of Pakistan is that a large population of about five million people are living below the poverty line so we should not think of Lockdown like Europe and China because we have to think that if we  We know that those who earn daily commute, rickshaw runners, shopkeepers, shopkeepers, etc. have the biggest impact because they spend all day.  They feed their children by daylight.

So we tried to have a balance, lockdown so that the disease would not spread and this vulnerable section would not be burdened and that is why the response of all the provinces and the federation was different," he said.  Aziz said that in the country like America, different states have different attitude, many have done full lockdown, many have partial lockdown, Sweden has different in Europe while Germany is different from Spain and Italy.  Is.

 We have to let people work in our agriculture sector because we have to keep in mind that we have 22 million people who also have to feed us, especially now that the harvest of wheat has started, so we are in the villages," he said.  It is said that there is no lockdown. We have done in the original lockdown cities. Now, in the cities too, the news has started to get that people's conditions are bad, bad conditions for the workers and the daily earners.  If so, we decided that the department should be opened so that people can get jobs.

 The Prime Minister said that our government is constantly focusing on measures to fight the corona virus, we need to be careful, we cannot put people in jail, the whole nation has to fight the outbreak, the severity of the outbreak.  The situation is increasing, conditions demand caution, no government can cope with the current situation alone, the nation has to take responsibility.  He said that the donors give alms for the happiness of Almighty and to improve their future, young and they are our strength in the present difficult situation.

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