Live reporting in English on the current situation of actress Meera, who is trapped in the United States

Stay safe at home, the world's largest city is sleeping with the corona virus.  My message

  Live reporting in English on the situation of actress Meera, who was trapped in the United States, became the center of attention of the users. According to the details, actress Meera reported live in English on the situation of Corona virus in the United States.  Actress Meira, reporting live from Hatton's Time Square, said, "Stay safe at home." Meira said the world's largest city is currently asleep due to the corona virus.

 He said that the government should follow the orders and stay at home and stay safe.

 Actress Meera is stranded in New York in a lockdown situation due to the global epidemic Corona. Actress Meera had also joined hands with Prime Minister Imran Khan for help in returning home.

 He had said that he had run out of money, was imprisoned in a hotel room, was being turned into a New York cemetery, and wanted to return home and die.

 In his statement, he appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to return home and said that he had come to the US for shooting with Humayun Saeed and other artists, all of whom have returned.  I'm stuck here alone.  Imran Khan has always encouraged artists to make arrangements for my repatriation.  Actress Meera added that thousands of people are dying here every day, turning New York into a cemetery.  Abroad does not want to die in such situations.  Later, her father-in-law called the whole affair a lie and said that there is no truth in it. I am with us. Besides, the video of actress Meera having a party was also viral.

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