Imran Khan not ready to meet Jahangir Tareen's PM

 No leader wants to appear in favor of Jahangir Tareen for fear of Imran Khan's displeasure, claims Abdul Qadir

 Islamabad journalist Abdul Qadir has claimed that leader PTI Jehangir Tareen has tried to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan and Imran Khan is not ready to meet.  According to details in a video statement, Abdul Qadir says that relations between Jahangir Tareen and Imran Khan do not seem to be going well. PTI Jahangir Tareen tried to meet Imran Khan, Jahangir Tareen wanted to talk to Imran Khan,  So that you can clear yourself of all this.

 Imran Khan refuses to meet.  Abdul Qadir has said that no leader of the PTI is ready to ignore Jahangir Tareen on a channel and ignore them.

 Abdul Qadir said that in the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan took up the cabinet related to Jahangir Tareen and expressed regret over the role of Jahangir Tareen.

 He says that the PTI is not supporting Jahangir Tareen because the Prime Minister took the decision according to agencies' data.  And fearing the anger of leader Imran Khan is not supporting Jahangir Tareen.

 It is clear that after the inquiry report of the flour sugar crisis, the extraordinary steps and changes made by Prime Minister Imran Khan led to the closest ministers, bureaucrats and organizers of PTI in Punjab and the federal government.  Significant changes are also being made in this regard.

 In this regard, the anti-lobbyist is putting pressure on the Prime Minister while it is also trying to revise the Prime Minister's Agricultural Emergency Program worth Rs 300 billion made by Jahangir Tareen.  Go: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and government officials say the anti-Jahangir lobby in PTI and the government has suggested to Prime Minister Imran Khan and his close constituents that JahangirTrain lobbied for Chinese exports and subsidies.  Made the decisions and in the same way they deployed their people in important government positions.  Opinion, so they should be removed.

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