How long will the curfew continue in Saudi Arabia to prevent the spread of the Corona virus

Riaz Khadim Herman Sharifin Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz has ordered a second extension of curfew issued in the state to prevent the spread of the Karuna virus.  Shah Salman issued the order before the curfew for 21 days on March 23, before expiry.

 The Saudi interior ministry said the curfew has been extended indefinitely after more than 124 cases have been reported in the last 4 days.  The number of Corona virus cases in Saudi Arabia has exceeded 4,000 and so far 52 people have died due to the virus.  The number of Corona virus patients has increased from 13,200 to 200 in the Gulf countries and 88 deaths have been confirmed.  International flights in Saudi Arabia are suspended and public places closed.  The state's first Karunah case has been closed since March 8 after it emerged in the Qatif area.

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