Harim Shah expressed his desire to meet with US President Donald Trump

 Pakistani, want to make a video with you.  Tweet by Harim Shah addressing Donald Trump

Well-known tiktok star Harim Shah has expressed his desire to have a talk-talk with US President Donald Trump.  According to details, Harimam Shah is facing criticism for some reason, Haram Shah continues to attract people with his unique actions, however, in a recent statement released on social networking website  Addressing Donald Trump, he said, "I am from Pakistan and I want to talk to you now. Would you like to talk to me?"

 Following this tweet by Harimah Shah, he is being made fun of by consumers and they are being made to shoot arrows.

 Also worth considering is that the final decision was made by Harim Shah regarding hosting the Ramadan transmission.

 He said that I had been offered Morning Shows before, but I told him that I could not work in one place. I refused because it was not my bus.  Harim Shah added that Ramadan has also been offered for transmission and I have told him that if Umrah can be done during Ramadan, I will do it and spend the entire Ramadan there.  If Umrah does not happen this year, I will definitely be hosting a Ramadan transmission and will teach the people "true Islam".

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