Corona Virus: Great news about the health of the British Prime Minister

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was infected with the Corona virus, was allowed to leave the hospital by doctors.

  The British Prime Minister was discharged from the hospital, after which he would stay in the Country House for fourteen days and his care would continue at Buckingham Shire Country House.

 Remember that the British Prime Minister Corona was infected with the virus, after which he confined himself to the house and was running government affairs through video link.

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 Boris Johnson's condition deteriorated a few days after which he was admitted to a London hospital. After his illness, doctors shifted him to the care ward.

 After Boris Johnson's health improved, doctors moved him from the ICU to the ward two days ago and he was now allowed to go home from the hospital.

 In his video message the British Prime Minister thanked the medical staff and praised all doctors, paramedical staff as heroes.

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 World leaders expressed their best wishes to Boris Johnson for his health and prayed for early recovery.

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