Canada: Bomber wearing police uniform, 16 killed, including police officer

An attacker dressed in a police uniform in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia has killed at least 16 people, including a female police officer.

The attack, which began on Saturday, continued for about 12 hours, and police finally pursued the assailant's car and killed him on Sunday.

 Residents of Porta Pike, Canada, were issued instructions to remain locked in their homes after the attack was reported.

 According to police, the attacker was apparently driving a police car.

 The attacker opened fire on several people in different areas of Nova Scotia, after which authorities are still trying to determine the casualties resulting from the attack, and they fear the death toll will increase.  May be.

 Heidi Stevens, constable of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is among the dead.  She has been serving in the police for 23 years.

 Nova Scotia Assistant Commissioner Lee Bergman wrote on Facebook detailing the incident, saying that Heidi sacrificed her life to save the lives of her colleagues.

 According to them, Heidi was married and her husband includes her husband and two children.

 According to CBS News, Police Commissioner Brenda Loki believed the attacker was initially pursuing a specific target, but later on he thought it was unknown and started targeting people.

 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described it as a scary situation, while the province's Premier, Stephen McNeill, told reporters that it was a horrific case of violence in our province.

 According to the police spokesman, looking at the attacker's vehicle looked exactly like a police car, but there was only a difference of registration plate number.  The attacker then changed the car and rode a small silver-colored Chevrolet car.

 Police, however, did not provide details about the attacker's death.

 In Canada, such widespread killings are rare because gun laws are more stringent than in the United States.

 Last year, two kidnapped youths revealed that they had killed three policemen, including an Australian-born American couple who were on holiday to northern British Columbia.

 In 1989, 14 women were killed at a college in Quebec when the killer fired all the men out of the classroom and shot the women.

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