Budget 2020-21 - Speaker National Assembly decides to act so that opposition parties will not be convinced

Islamabad Speaker National Assembly Assad Qaiser has decided to consult parliamentary leaders of all political parties before submitting the budget 2020-21 to parliament, Speaker National Assembly Assad Qaiser said  Asylum is facing financial crisis, which requires working together.

 According to the details, Speaker National Assembly Asadir said that parliamentary leaders will be consulted on presenting the budget 2020-21 in the House, the budget is to be presented in 2020-21 June 2020 and political parties should take the budget into confidence in view of Corona's concerns.  I believe it is important to take political parties into confidence when approaching the budget.  He said that it was the responsibility of the Parliament to provide relief to the people and present the budget in a timely manner. Due to the global outbreak, the people are facing immense financial difficulties.  All political parties will be consulted for timely submission and efforts are underway to keep all matters of public importance in the parliament.  ۔  Speaker National Assembly said that the whole world is now plagued by the Corona virus. In the context of the domestic situation, the government and the opposition parties need to work together.

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